I'm Matt Wilcox, a web developer based in the UK, this is my personal website.

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Professional Information

I've been a full-time web developer since 2004, and a keen hobbyist before that. I've been a member of the HTML Working Group and Responsive Images Community Group.

I am currently lead web developer at View Creative Agency, where I have worked since 2008. My role has expanded a lot over the years, as I have taught myself new skills to match demands.

My day-to-day work may see me:

I strongly believe in Web Standards and using the right tools for the right job. Most projects at VCA lean heavily on traditional document-centric web technologies, for which the whole web stack was designed and optimised. These "traditional" approaches are often a highly performant and appropriate choice (especially when enhanced by some modern JavaScript). It's nice to see Google Chrome developers are echoing that viewpoint.

I have dabbled in Vue and Svelte; but almost no project VCA have taken on has best suited a "PWA / SPA" style of development or deployment, though I'd look forward to that challenge should it arise.

I have also worked for VCA and our clients as a photographer over a number of years, producing and editing shots for online and print projects including:

I have an analytical mind, enjoy problem solving, and like to do things well. I get the most satisfaction from working on projects that have a clear and real benefit to wider society, and which you could call "a greater good". I'd like to leave the world a better place than I entered it, if I can.

NOTE: I do not currently maintain an archive of projects I have worked on, but the VCA website is a good place to look in general.

About Matt


I've had my own websites for decades. Some are lost to time, but I've got an archive of some older stuff here. Please remember; we were all more ignorant, less wise, rougher around the edges, and had a lot more spare time when we were younger...