Matt Wilcox

Web Developer & Tinkerer

In my free time I love to read, write, and shoot amateur photography. I play with the occasional Arduino & Raspberry Pi project, and get a kick out of traditional hand-tool woodwork.

I'm lead developer at View Creative Agency. My job is to help make beautiful websites that perform well for both our clients and their audience.

My role includes project assessment and planning; system and server management; building HTML, CSS, and JS powered front-ends; the occasional CMS integration; and helping develop our team into a force to be reckoned with. It's rewarding and fun stuff.

I've been a full-time web developer since 2004, and a keen hobbyist before that. I've been a member of the HTML Working Group and Responsive Images Community Group. If you've heard of me before it's likely because you've also heard of Adaptive Images; an old but still useful project of mine.

Web Development

It's my job and still a passion; articles, tutorials, notes, and resources exploring web development are all contained here.


My thoughts on all manner of topics - if I find something thought provoking it'll end up here.

Creative Writing

I love reading and writing; this is a section for me to practice and develop my creative writing skills.

Web Developer Orientation

A resource for people new to web-development or wishing to expand their skills. Offering a broad overview of the field, simple introduction to related topics, and pointers for further learning.

External Resources

Things I've seen elsewhere that I'd like to refer to in the future; I thought these links might be good to share.


N.b., Timeline excludes External Resource posts:

2018 in review

24th December 2018, Musing

Things might be starting to look up...

The cost of developing and adopting new CSS features

20th November 2017, Web Development

There's a non-zero cost to implementing new CSS features, and you need to decide when you can pay it.

Explaining Brexit to my grown nephew and neice

20th March 2017, Musing

How it'll go down, when they're older...

2016 in review

25th December 2016, Musing

And I thought 2015 was bad

Should vs Want

06th September 2016, Musing

A blog post from some months ago, which I never published. Here it is, finally published.

Dissertation Research

06th September 2016, Musing

We had a work placement a few weeks ago that asked some questions for their dissertation research. I answered. I miss thinking this sort of stuff :/ I'd happily go back to full time education, if I didn't have to worry about that whole "paying bills and life" thing.

Why I probably won't use Resource Hints' pre-fetch and pre-load directives

21st June 2016, Web Development

The biggest trend and problem of the last few years is ever bigger web pages wasting ever more bandwidth. And we're given tools to load more crap based on a guess as to what the user might want to do next?

Britain First

16th June 2016, Musing

The bits of Britain we should be proud of are the bits where we showed great compassion and commitment.

Two of my favourite companies keep making mistakes

09th February 2016, Musing

Apple and Twitter are by many measures very successful. But in my opinion both companies are floundering at the moment; Twitter very obviously, and Apple is struggling to find places for future growth.


02nd January 2016, Musing

A quick look at what I hope to achieve in 2016

On a personal note...

22nd November 2015, Musing

Those 'end of year' review posts people sometimes make? Think of this as an early one of those.

UK Government, encryption, and you

03rd November 2015, Musing

The government is intending to eradicate privacy from all its citizens. Many members of the government are likely too ignorant of the actual ramifications of this 'technical stuff' to realise the magnitude of the problem.

Responsive and Accessible 'Read more...' links

30th June 2015, Web Development

My trick for creating 'read more' links that work well for everyone.


01st May 2015, Creative Writing

Writing Prompt: Due to overpopulation, your parents' generation has been living abroad a self sustained space station for the past few decades. Born and raised on the station, write about your first ever trip to earth. (via Reddit)

Improving Twitter for users

04th April 2015, Musing

The number one thing they could do to reduce Twitter fatigue: Allow people to show only friends, or friends-of-friends, in your timeline.

The infuriating ineptitude of politics in the UK

04th April 2015, Musing

Today’s politics is awash with policies which chase the ignorant vote. Because that’s the easiest vote to get, and education is hard and expensive.

About 'The Pebble'

28th March 2015, Creative Writing

A brief deconstruction of the practice piece I wrote called 'The Pebble'.

The Pebble

28th March 2015, Creative Writing

A practice scene - can I make a subject as boring as a pebble interesting for ten thousand words?

What is Apple's software problem?

10th March 2015, Musing

Earlier today I posted a quick musing on why I think software is Apple's weakest area. The post was unexpectedly popular, and it was just idle thoughts. Here I clarify those as a more thoghtful article...

Apple has a software problem

10th March 2015, Musing

I'm coming to realise Apple don't do software well. OSX's strengths are from UNIX; most iOS apps are unused; iTunes is atrocious.